Cost of Hydrological/hydro-geological surveys in Kenya

You have acquired your dreamland and you intend to put up your home, investment of rentals or farm. You realize the water supply to the farm is not available or comes once a week. So you ask around and realize your neighbors have dug boreholes to supply them with water.

You’re neighbors tell you they don’t sell the water and you to decide to drill a borehole of your own to meet your demands. So you ask them at what depth they found water and he tells you around 80 meters deep. You ask two more neighbors around and hey give you figures ranging from 50-140m deep.

You ask for drilling services providers and they give you the number. You contact the company and they give you a drilling cost of about Kshs 6,000 per meter. You estimate your borehole will yield water at around 100m so you have a budget of around Ksh. 800,000 including any unforeseen expenses.

The contractor drills to 100 meters and there’s no water. You go an extra 40 meters and no water. You see the expenses are getting out of hand and you pay they contractor and discard the entire exercise blaming the contractor.

This whole exercise would have gone completely different had you procured the services of a qualified and registered hydrologist who would have done a hydrological survey on your land.

Generally, groundwater is not evenly distributed and the survey would include identifying suitable sites for the exploration of significant quantities of groundwater. The cost of a hydrological survey ranges from Ksh, 50,000 – 70,000 depending on your location.  Besides identifying the best spot for drilling the finding of this survey will inform you of the approximate depth and quantity of water that you might get before carrying out any drilling exercise.

The hydrologist will also handle all the necessary paperwork from WARMA after submitting the hydrological survey as it’s a requirement before any drilling begins.

The findings will guide you on whether it is reasonable to drill or use other methods of getting water as it will show you the estimated financial costs. Save yourself the trouble of committing to huge financial undertakings without knowing of anticipated returns.

Hydrological survey results.

  1. The exact location on which to drill the borehole in Northings and Eastings.
  2. The approximate depth at which you’ll get water
  3. The approximate yield (Quantity) of water that you will get.
  4. All necessary licensing and regulatory paperwork necessary for drilling to begin.

Next time that you need to drill a borehole contact us. Here at we will walk you through the entire process of the survey, documentation, licensing, and recommendation of which borehole drillers to use at competitive market rates while ensuring timely quality results are availed to you.

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