Plastic water tank price in Kenya.

Water storage. 

Water is the second most important resource for all life both animals and plants in the world after the air. Water is essential for the survival of all life and it is estimated a human or animal would only survive for 3 days without water unlike 21 days without food. It is thus crucial that we have safe water on demand. With erratic rainfall patterns and falling river levels, it is important that we store water when it rains for use when the dry season is upon us.  The problem is even dire in urban areas with the unreliable piped water supply by the authorities. In urban areas, we have no rivers where we can get safe water for use and where boreholes or wells are non-existent. For this reason, the few options are either drilling a well or storing water from either rain or from the piped water supply.

Advantages of plastic water tanks

Plastic water tanks are the most common water storage methods in the country as they have the following advantages compared to other storage methods.

  1. Cheaper than steel tanks
  2. Low maintenance cost
  3. Durable
  4. Light so can be installed or oved easily.
  5. Easy workability and installation of pipes.
  6. Lockable lids so water can’t be contaminated.
  7. Hygienic as they are made with food grade material.
  8. Varying size from 200 litres to 24,000 litres.

 Factors when picking a water storage method.  

Cost of the plastic water tank. 

The tank varies in cost per liter due to the nature of design, the material used in construction, and the size of storage. So the amount of cash you have will dictate what tank you will buy.

Quantity of water to be stored. 

A bigger quantity of water needed will need a bigger tank. The higher the quantity you need the more expensive the cost will be.


Brands are produce by different companies and no two brands will have the same quality. However all tanks/storage solutions sold in Kenya are compliant with the minimum requirements set by the authorities in the country. Older brand names have built a name that signifies quality and trustworthiness and most people opt for well-known names. However, due to technological advancements, new brands are just as good as the tanks from traditional brands.

Space available.

Whichever option is picked you should consider the available space on which the storage medium will occupy.  This will either be rectangular loft/roof tanks, cylindrical tank or underground tank.

The price of plastic water tanks is sourced from trusted brands and hardware in major towns in the country and may vary a little depending on your location in the country.

Capacity (Litres)Amount (Kshs)
100 1,500
300 3,450
500 5,750
750 8,000
1000 7,000
1500 10,000
2000 13,000
2500 15,000
3000 18,000
3500 22,500
5000 30,000
7500 64,000
8000 51,000
10000 70,000
12000 101,000
15000 136,000
24000 228,000